HCG 5000 :Your Ideal Weight-Loss Solution

hcg 5000

HCG 5000 :Your Ideal Weight-Loss Solution

Can you believe it that you could lose several pounds, on a DAILY basis? Probably not! You would probably rule it out as ‘the joke of the year’. But, what if it’s really possible?

How would you feel if there actually was a way that could help you get rid of those pounds in a way that you have never imagined possible, and that too with minimum side effects? Ecstatic, right?

Well, the great news is that there is a way you could achieve all this. With the revolutionary HCG diet, weight-loss is no more a problem for you.

In this article, you will learn about what is HCG, how HCG 5000 injections help you lose weight, as well as a few mild side-effects of using this diet. Happy reading!

What is HCG? 

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – abbreviated as HCG – is a hormone naturally found in pregnant women and produced by the placenta. HCG is the basis on which all pregnancy tests work, because the presence of HCG in the bloodstream of a woman indicates that she is most probably pregnant.

HCG hormone plays a vital role in the sustenance of corpus luteum and contributes to the formation of progesterone. Progesterone in turn helps in forming a thick lining of blood vessels in the uterus, which protects the developing fetus.

HCG hormone does not only play an important role during pregnancy, but it can also be used through artificial means to lose and control weight. In the next chapter, I will be telling you about what is a HCG 5000 injection and how it can be used as an effective weight-loss supplement.

How Does it Help in Losing Weight?

HCG 5000 injections are part of the popular HCG diet that can make you lose weight, fast and easily. It also comes in the form of drops that are taken orally. What HCG does is that it triggers a certain part of the brain known as hypothalamus, which is responsible for regulating the metabolic rate of our body, among performing many other functions. When the hypothalamus is triggered, it sends a signal to our body to increase the metabolic rate. This increase in our metabolism is what eventually helps us shed weight.

HCG shots are taken along with a very low calorie diet (VLCD) that helps you in losing weight, effectively. While many other weight loss supplements and exercises make you lose lean muscle, the quality of HCG hormone is that it targets fat instead of muscle. If you lose muscle, the fat would still be in your body, and you would lose those muscles and fatty tissues instead that are necessary for the proper functioning of your body. This stubborn fat is stored in specific areas of your body such as buttocks, thighs and upper arms, etc. and is often very difficult to lose by other means. However, with HCG hormone, this unwanted fat is exactly what you lose.

Low calorie diet is important to maintain alongside HCG injections/drops, because if your body does not get enough calories, only then it would revert to the unwanted fat to provide you with the energy you need for proper functioning. Merely going for a low calorie diet, without the HCG doses would not help; in fact, this could harm your health as a low calorie diet would do nothing, but starve your body. And if that happens, your body will face depletion in energy. Even if you lose some weight that way, you will most probably gain it back again – and this time even more than it actually was.

Individuals who use HCG diet normally lose several pounds a day, ranging from 0.5 to 2 or 3 pounds per day. The biggest benefit of HCG 5000 diet is that once you shed the extra pounds, you do not have to worry about gaining them back. Moreover, there are no serious risks posed by the HCG diet on your health; instead, there are just a few minor side effects that can easily be controlled. In the last section of this article, we will briefly go over these few side effects.

How is HCG 5000 Administered?

HCG can either be taken in the form of subcutaneous injections or oral drops. HCG 5000 injections are usually administered by qualified professionals or medical practitioners. They can also be administered by an individual if s/he has been taught to do so. However, this could be dangerous in some cases if the injection is not administered at the right spot on the body. Care needs to be taken to ensure that HCG 5000 is injected into the right place or muscles in the body, otherwise swelling could occur in that spot.

The ideal dosage of HCG 5000 injections or drops depends upon the amount of weight you need to lose, ranging from 125 IU to 200 IU, per day. However, it is best to consult your physician to determine the exact dosage and mixing instructions. The dosage can also vary with time, depending on the amount you initially started with.  

Side Effects of HCG Diet

Even though HCG 5000 has been successfully used by millions of individuals all over the world to lose weight rapidly, the concept is still undergoing scientific research to find out whether it is a safe way to do so. As with every medication and supplement, a few side effects of HCG diet and injections have been reported by those who have used it. These include mild weakness as a result of low calorie diet, headache, occasional nausea or vomiting and constipation. These effects are mostly short-term in nature and usually disappear with time.

It is always advisable to consult a professional before commencing on the HCG diet, so that you know exactly how long you need to continue, what is the ideal dosage for you, and any kind of side effects or risks that you might need to be specifically aware of. Other sources of information are also available online, which you might want to check before ordering the HCG plan.

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Reasons Why HCG Injections Should Be Used For Weight Loss

Funny Smile You Are Losing Weight Fitness Cent...

Funny Smile You Are Losing Weight Fitness Center Sign (Photo credits: www.mydoorsign.com)

HCG injections are being hailed as an incredible invention, which efficiently help shed the extra pounds and regularize metabolism, thereby giving the physique a curvy look that everyone desires. But, in today’s world of fraud practices where fake products are portrayed as legitimate ones, it’s imperative to conduct thorough research before opting for anything. A lot of questions come into our minds while doing a research such as what are the origins of this product? How does it work? What’s a typical HCG cycle like? Do I have to undertake any diet? Does it have any side effects, etc? I’ll try to answer all of them in this article.


Origins of HCG


HCG is an acronym used to denote Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Its weight loss and metabolism regularizing effects were first discovered by English endocrinologist, Dr. Albert Simeons, over 50 years ago. HCG injections have recently resurfaced and gained popularity after an entrepreneur named Kevin Trudeau authored a book highlighting HCG’s weight loss abilities


How Does it Work?


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is produced naturally in females during pregnancy. This may make males apprehensive of its usage, making them to believe HCG injections are female-centric only. However, this is not the case. Males have got nothing to worry about as HCG doesn’t bring any side effects related to sexual change; on the contrary, it improves pre-existing deficiencies in the body. Hence, it can safely be used by both males and females.


HCG injections when administered in small dosages prompt the body to utilize the fat hidden deep within cells as a primary energy source. These fat deposits are otherwise not easy to target and cannot be isolated, just by strenuous workout or adopting a healthy diet regime. This is the main principal behind HCG’s fat reduction!


During HCG cycle, an individual is put on a low caloric diet which ensures that the body sustains its caloric needs by pinpointing those latent fat deposits. This results in substantial reduction in fat and hence, weight loss. HCG injections even have an extra advantage for men as they induce testosterone production in the body. But, unlike anabolic steroids which infuse unnatural testosterone, it’s only the stimulation of body’s own mechanism to fill depleted reserves in a natural way.


HCG Diet


HCG diet mainly aims to bring the caloric intake, down to a bare minimum and some nutritionists put this to around 500 calories, per day. This is where HCG injections kick in and turn the fats stored in the cells to energy source and keep it enriched with the blood, hence, suppressing hunger.


However, since every human physique is different from the other, it’s strongly recommended that you maintain a diet journal jotting down the food you consume. Monitor your progress every morning with the weighing scale and chart your weight loss. This would make it clear which food types are helping you attain your goal and which ones are proving to be detrimental to your cause.


It’s an acknowledged fact that most dieters don’t follow a proper dieting plan because they get bored with the limited options that are available to them. To evade this from happening, one should seek out HCG approved recipes, which taste good and provide variety i.e. Tomato-basil chicken and Coconut-almond shrimp. During HCG diet, it’s imperative that you stay in adequate hydration levels. Therefore, increasing water intake would serve as two pronged strategy and flush out toxins from your system. Remember, most artificially sweetened beverages, sodas and caffeine enriched drinks are prohibited. You can opt for green tea as its high in antioxidants. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you can have daily serving of fresh seasonal fruits.


Typical HCG Cycle


Typical HCG injections vary according to the weight loss requirement of an individual.


  • People willing for a weight loss of about 20 pounds will have to undertake a cycle of 23 days, during which the aforementioned caloric limit has to be observed.


  • Individuals who wish to have a weight loss of more than 20 pounds, a cycle of about 43 days is required, during which 40 injections are administered.


However, people who after following diet plan still desire further weight loss need to take a rest period of at least 6 weeks. This would allow the body to recover.


Known Side Effects of HCG Injections


HCG injections are known to have some minor and not very severe side effects. Recorded side effects registered during cycle are trivial body aches and fluctuations in libido. Therefore, HCG injections shouldn’t be taken, without the supervision of a trained medical professional.


HCG Usage in Bodybuilding Domain


As mentioned earlier, HCG stimulates the natural production of testosterone in the male body. This is a highly desirable aspect in the world of bodybuilding as having normal and above levels of testosterone is attributed to putting up lean muscle mass and burning fat. High levels of testosterone ensure that a male is more energetic, strong and has faster recovering abilities. In most cases, HCG injections are taken by bodybuilders after completing a cycle of anabolic steroids, having a tendency to reduce testosterone production in the body. HCG is then taken to stimulate the body to produce testosterone, normally.


Where to Purchase HCG Injections


Before you venture out to purchase HCG, bear in mind that an attempt to recover from infertility or hormone therapy should be under a doctor’s supervision. Consuming it for weight loss purposes also require direction, although, there are people who claim that it can be done without it. HCG injections are available online from various websites and a normal cycle can cost you around $150 to $170, depending on the source. But, beware! There are plenty of scammers out there waiting to deprive you of your hard earned cash. So, before making any HCG purchases, make sure the source is genuine. You should check out reviews about the online pharmacy selling HCG injections and visit pertinent forums to get into discussion with HCG users.

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Safely Buy HCG Without Prescription: Few Points To Keep In Mind

If you are seeking to buy HCG without prescription, online sellers are exactly what you need. Through the online marketplace, you can acquire HCG injections or drops without much of a hassle. All it requires is for you to find a reliable vendor and spend a few bucks, and without as much as a formality you have HCG in your hands. While all this may sound too good to be true, in reality you actually can get HCG this easily – only if you are careful enough and keep in mind a few points. In the following sections of this article, you will find everything you need to know about how to buy HCG without prescription, and the points you need to consider while shopping for HCG online. How Can I Buy HCG Without Prescription? Most of the time, your doctor or physician will not prescribe HCG for you, unless necessary. Or you might not find a doctor who prescribes HCG at all. In such a case, buying HCG without a prescription is the only option you are left with. If you want to revert to this option and buy HCG without prescription, then online companies are the best way to do that. You would find numerous online retailers and companies on the web through Google search. This will let you view the products they sell, compare prices and order HCG products, without presenting any medical proof or prescription. You can get HCG from these online companies in the form of injectable solution or drops, but I would advise you to opt for oral drops, as they are probably the safest. Benefits of Buying HCG Online There are obvious benefits to buying HCG online; for one thing; you do not require a prescription. Buying HCG without a prescription is illegal in most states, thus you might not get it easily, if you do not have one. In such a case, what you can do is buy HCG without prescription from online companies, which seems to be a better alternative. After all, that is what you are looking for, aren’t you? Buying HCG online might also be a viable option if you do have the prescription, but your local drugstore does not sell it. That being said, you also do not have to leave your home or visit a pharmacy/drugstore – which is another big hassle – and are able to get HCG at your doorstep. Convenience is a big advantage of buying HCG online.  What Points Do I Need to Keep in Mind When Buying HCG Online? The key to buying HCG without prescription is simply research! There are many fraud sellers and companies out there who do sell HCG, but are not always reliable. You may order one product and end up with something else, or you might get fake or counterfeit products. What’s worse is that once you make the payment, you might even end up with nothing at all. Thus, you need to be careful when you are planning to buy HCG without prescription, and carry out sufficient research to avoid being ripped-off by fraudulent companies. Here are a few tips which you might find useful in finding a reliable and trustworthy online company.

  • You should first educate yourself with what is HCG and in what forms is it available, as well as all other information concerning HCG products. Once you possess sound knowledge, only then you can distinguish between the fake and real thing.
  • Look for online companies not only selling HCG products, but also providing valuable information on HCG. This includes general information on HCG, dosage along with mixing instructions and even the side effects. If the site has sufficient information, only then it can be considered as reliable, because this means that you are dealing with experts.
  • Compare the prices of different companies selling HCG online before you buy HCG without prescription. Be wary of retailers selling it for too high a price or vice versa. A low price could indicate an inferior product; while too high a price might be a waste of money. Another important thing you need to check is the amount of HCG the online companies are selling. Check for the actual amount they are selling for certain price, and don’t rely on the number of days it is expected to last.
  • Check for recommended dosage by the company selling HCG drops. If they are trying to convince you on taking a lower dosage than average, chances are high that they are duping you in to keep purchasing with them over a longer period of time. Never rely on the dosage recommended by these companies; instead, strictly follow the protocol and guidelines set forth by Dr. Simeons himself.
  • If any website/online company claims to sell FDA approved HCG, it is best to avoid it and never look back. This is probably the biggest giveaway of a fake company selling HCG without prescription. FDA never approves the sale of HCG without a prescription, thus anyone claiming otherwise is definitely doing it falsely.
  • Look for the payment options provided by the company. If they ask for your credit card number, you need to be wary and avoid making a purchase. Authentic companies selling HCG would most probably accept and process your payment via a trusted third party.

A Final Word Again – as I mentioned in the beginning – I would say that research and doing your homework is the only key to successfully buy HCG without prescription. There are numerous online resources on which you would find tips apart from those mentioned above, which would give you a fair idea of how to buy HCG without prescription from online companies. Another useful tip is to ask around and get suggestions from experts or users of HCG. You may find them on internet forums or online communities, and get their advice on where to buy HCG without prescription. Such people are quite reliable as they have used HCG some time in their lives and are eager to help others as well.

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The HCG Diet Menu– What’s Allowed And What’s Not?

The HCG diet menu basically restricts the dieter to low amounts of calories – from 500 to 800 in a day – and combines that with the intake of hormone produced during pregnancy called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, through supplements or injections. It primarily constitutes small portions of food, though food is a broad term; on the HCG diet menu, food means fat-free protein, fruits and vegetables.

How Does it Work?

There’s no rule that says only traditional diets can be effective but when you throw in a diet that uses HCG, which is essentially a hormone in the urine of pregnant women, one has to be a slight wary. The hormone HCG is believed to curb your hunger and cause the body to start using up fat.

Though the oral HCG is known to contain only traces of the hormone, a HCG diet menu usually limits the dieters to about five to eight hundred calories intake in a day of organic foods combined with the HCG injections or drops. You’re supposed to strictly go by the plan for the duration, say around 45 days straight, without any wiggle room, which means that you can’t cheat like you might in other diet plans. If you want it to work, you have to follow the diet, religiously. No sneaking of larger portions or fatty treats.

According to the advertisement claims, it’s supposed to fix your metabolism and make you lose more than a few pounds a day. It also discourages a lot of physical activity due to the fact that it limits your calorie intake. Some experts suggest that it’s the shortage in the amount of calories and not the HCG that causes the fat loss, but in any case, you do lose weight.

HCG Diet Plan- Permissions and Restrictions

The HCG diet menu is definitely quite restrictive and has absolutely non-existent tolerance, even for occasional sweet indulgence. You’re mostly left to choose from unprocessed foods, while you stay away from sweets, baked goods and every other thing that the menu bans.

What Can You Have for Breakfast?

In the HCG diet plan, breakfasts are optional. In fact, the plan doesn’t allow anything solid before lunch. This of course leaves you with beverages to start your day. You can take a cup of tea or black coffee, but remember – NO sugar. If you have to, add low-calorie sweeteners such as saccharin. Moreover, the HCG diet menu only allows a single tablespoon of milk in the whole day, so you better make it count. If you aren’t into black coffee, then here’s your chance to get your preferred milky coffee.

Is Meat Allowed?

Fortunately for meat a lover, meat is definitely a part of the HCG diet menu and makes up the greater part of its calorie consumption, per day. This implies that your meals can have small portions of meat i.e. both lunch and dinner should not contain more than 4 ounces of lean protein with a side of some fresh vegetables and small amounts of carbohydrates. Keep in mind that fat has 9 calories per gram, so if it was permitted in your meal, then the portions would be even smaller. To be more particular, you can add veal to your meals. Beef that hasn’t been marbled is fine too. Furthermore, you could also go for chicken breast or if you like sea food; add white-fleshed fish, crab, shrimp or lobster to the menu, as per your preference.

What you cannot add to the menu is meat that’s rich in calories. This includes marbled beef, salmon, eel, dried and pickled fish among others. HCG dieters are recommended to weigh the meat while it’s still raw after getting rid of all the fat. Just grill or boil it. Once in a while, you can exchange the meat for an egg or a portion of low-fat cottage cheese.

Consumption of Carbohydrates in a HCG Diet

The HCG diet menu allows the dieters to have a breadstick or a part of Melba toast to accompany their meals. Both the things are good options as they don’t contain fat or salt and don’t really add up to a lot of calories, for instance the Melba toast is only 12 calories, per piece. Also, dieters can take an apple, orange, a few strawberries, or half a grapefruit with each meal. But, always remember that you cannot change the portion size to your liking. Half a grapefruit means exactly half and not even a quarter more!

Vegetables in the HCG Diet

The lunch and dinner, according to the HCG diet menu have room for one vegetable only. Of course, that vegetable too needs to be in low calorie to fit the bill such as spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers or onions. Other options include celery, chard, cabbage, radishes, and asparagus among others. Vegetables are full of essential vitamins and nutrients that our body requires on a daily basis and even more in this restrictive diet. But, be aware that you can only cut up your vegetables and season them with salt, pepper and other things like mustard powder or vinegar. Seasoning is allowed as long as it doesn’t involve oil, butter or cream sauces.

Beverages – Which Ones are Allowed?

As far as beverages go, the HCG diet menu can be pretty lenient. You can drink all the water – without any sugary inclusions – as you want. You can have coffee or tea as you desire, but as mentioned earlier, it shouldn’t include sugar though low-calorie sweeteners are allowed. However, during the prescribed diet period, there should be no alcohol consumption, at all!

Things You Should Stay Away From

The HCG diet menu doesn’t leave any room for indulgences. This means that if it is prohibited, you aren’t allowed to have it for the duration of the diet. Always stay away from baked products, sweets, alcohol, fizzy drinks, pasta, chocolate and anything and everything that’s considered to be fatty. Also remember, no tampering or cheating with the portion sizes if you want your HCG diet to be effective.

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All You Need To Know About HCG Diets Before Finding HCG For Sale

HCG for sale

HCG for sale

HCG Diets promise rapid fat loss and you’ll find a lot of online vendors proudly boasting HCG for sale signs. But, you should be aware of what the diet entails before getting started. In this article, I’ll shed light on all the important aspects of the HCG diet, so that you can decide if it’s meant for you and proceed to start looking up HCG for sale.

About the HCG Diet Plan

 HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is actually a hormone produced in women during pregnancy, but research has shown that it is actually quite useful and is being used to treat weight and infertility problems as well. The HCG diet plan claims fast fat loss by combining an extremely calorie-restricting diet and the intake of HCG. The hormone can be taken orally or injected intramuscularly. The HCG consumption is supposed to curb your appetite so you don’t get hungry as often as you usually do and helps burn the accumulated fat in your body.

A typical HCG diet allows you to take in around 500 to 700 calories in a day and supposedly helps you lose 1 to 3 pounds, per day. But, once you’re on the diet, there’s no bending of rules, which essentially means that you can’t indulge in a candy or increase your meal portions. You have to stick to it completely. Despite the rigidity, it’s still quite neat that you don’t have to do a lot of exercise to get rid of fat – which I would be willing to give up in a beat! So, are you ready to go looking for HCG for sale? If not, maybe I should convince you some more.


Why HCG Diet?

 There are numerous fad diets that limit your calorie intake and promise you a flat belly in a week or loss of a few pounds per day, so why should you choose the HCG diet over all else? First of all, you should know that the HCG diet has a lot more to offer than these usual fad diets. The HCG intake during your diet plan causes elevated testosterone levels that tend to enhance metabolism. Also, for some men and women, the hormone is known to increase their libido. The diet plan is very simple and requires minimal effort on your part. It is also quite cheap as compared to other diets. And to top it all off, it doesn’t assert the compulsion of exercise, which is a blessing if I’ve ever seen one. So, what more do you have to look for – it’s relatively inexpensive and hassle-free. Hoping I’ve thoroughly convinced you to engage in an HCG diet plan of your own, next you should get to know the options you have for administering HCG – orally or through injections – and decide which of them suits you best, before you look for a supplier to get HCG for sale.

HCG Injections or HCG Drops?

The HCG diet is incomplete – or at least just a low-calorie diet – until you take in the requisite amount of the HCG hormone. You can opt to administer the necessary volume of HCG through intramuscular injections or you could take it in orally through drops. One method is just as effective as the other. When you start looking for HCG for sale, you’ll find that most suppliers sell both kinds, so you must choose your method of administration. According to the original plan of the HCG diet that was suggested by Sr. A. T. W. Simeons 50 years back, injections were used to administer the hormone but since then, there have been developments and now we have the option of taking the hormone orally too.

Whether you go for drops or shots, it depends on what you prefer and what you’ll be more comfortable with because both of them make you lose fat, effectively. So, base your decision on whether or not you’d be okay with getting daily shots because if you’re not, you better go for the drops. The shots are administered intramuscularly, usually on the thigh, which is not only painful but also has the possibility of causing bruises. And since drops are pain-free with the same benefits, why not choose the painless method? Another thing you need to remember is that you can never miss the requisite HCG intake per day. You have to take it without fail, so make sure you’re comfortable with the method you choose.

Where to Find HCG for Sale?

If you’ve made the decision of going through the HCG diet and chosen its method of administration you’re going to employ, next you’ll need the name of a reliable supplier who has HCG for sale. There are numerous online suppliers you can go through to get your HCG products or you could get a prescription from a doctor. Most people choose the online suppliers due to the convenience factor.

Getting HCG Products Online

The online market is definitely the place to get HCG for sale, but it’s also fraught with risks like not getting what you paid for and essentially getting scammed. Authenticity is the key. You need to search for suppliers that not only look authentic, but are genuinely real and trustworthy enough to deliver what they promised. You can buy any form of HCG online from oral drops and shots to the relatively unheard of sublingual sprays, but you have to be cautious of the scammers out there. So, before you get totally ripped off, heed these advices of mine and avoid getting scammed.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying HCG Products?

When you’re looking for online suppliers who have got HCG for sale, make sure that you steer clear of any suppliers that look even the least bit suspicious. Always look for trusted and well-known vendors. Completely avoid going near shady online health stores that have HCG for sale, specifically those that don’t have a secure payment method. Instead, go for suppliers that have high ratings and scour their reviews to learn from the experiences of people who’ve already used those suppliers. Keep your eyes open and take note of these wise words so that you get the right HCG products and can get on with your HCG diet plan.

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Where Can I Buy HCG: Genuine Sources Revealed

HCG Diet Scam

HCG Diet Scam

Where can I buy HCG is a common question of many HCG users. HCG diets and products have gained immense popularity as they promise rapid weight loss with minimal side effects.

Due to the extraordinary effectiveness of HCG products, millions of people around the world seek to benefit from it.

The online searches of where can I buy HCG have skyrocketed, but as with all triumphant products there are scammers selling counterfeits and depriving people of their hard earned cash.

I highly recommend that in order to take full advantage of HCG products and to avoid pitfalls and scams, it is imperative that you comprehend a few important things about HCG.


What is HCG?


HCG, an acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone produced in the body of a pregnant woman. This hormone regulates metabolism and makes the body utilize fats hidden deep in cells for providing energy. HCG products work in combination with HCG diet, which helps lose up to 3 pounds a day without harming the muscles. HCG products come in the following varieties:


1)      Oral drops

2)      Injections

3)      Sublingual drops or homeopathic drops
HCG HCHCThere is a difference of opinion on what is the most effective method of administration, as all of them have the same result. It actually depends on the preference of the user. One thing should be kept in mind that the HCG diet plan demands regular intake of the hormone throughout its tenure, so make sure whichever administration method you opt for, you should be perfectly comfortable with it.

Who should use HCG?

 Most people looking for a weight loss solution jump right to the purchasing part without conducting any research about the product. As a result, they do not usually get the desired results. Thus, you need to be a smart and savvy consumer! Before jumping to where I can buy HCG part, take time to get to know HCG products and their benefits. HCG can be used by anyone irrespective of gender and physique type; the only precondition is the person should have passed puberty. HCG treatment is quite safe and can be used by people having stable diabetes, blood pressure and also by men taking hormones. HCG has a successful track record with people suffering from these ailments as it is not a stimulant or a drug, but rather a bio-identical natural hormone. If you are looking to shed those extra pounds and willing to adhere to a strict diet for 24 days (days can vary depending on the amount of weight to be shed) then HCG is an ideal product for you. The diet is relatively cheap and easy to follow, and there are cases in which men and women on HCG cycle have claimed increased libido. Physical exertion while on HCG cycle is not required, which is another enticing factor for people weary of physical exertion, as required by most other diets.

Where can I buy HCG products from genuine Sources?

 Plenty of swindlers out there! Be careful!

 Before you start conducting a search on where can I buy HCG, please bear in mind that for procuring HCG injections, a prescription from a licensed doctor is needed. This effectively negates the claim of most online vendors who claim of selling HCG injections without the need of a prescription. Beware of such swindlers, as they are not providing you with genuine products. Your doctor is also a viable and dependable source who can point you to genuine sources to buy HCG products. It is advisable to seek their opinion on where can I buy HCG.

Buying HCG online

Still, purchasing over the internet remains the most convenient way of getting your HCG products, but you need to exercise caution and strictly follow the guidelines mentioned below:

When searching for where can I buy HCG, always opt for well-known and trusted suppliers. The hallmark of trusted suppliers is that they have secure payment modes, have undergone requisite quality checks and always contain products manufactured by dependable companies. HCG hormone is most potent when its freshness is preserved by storing it correctly otherwise the potency diminishes; so, make sure your vendor is offering high quality and fresh HCG products.

An easy way to determine the credibility of a supplier is by checking online forums for HCG. Reputed suppliers have high ranking and lots of positive feedback from customers. These forums are also a good place to get to know people who have actually used HCG, their opinion about it, the difficulties they faced and their success stories. Instead of reading feedback on the vendor’s website, always consult these forums. Another caution is to make sure that your selected vendor has a verifiable physical address mentioned and possess a functional telephone number. Some websites offer really rock bottom prices for all HCG formulations to entice customers into making a swift purchase. Be cautious of such websites and never let low prices be the deciding factor while purchasing.

Another way of spotting a quality HCG vendor is that they’d give you complete information on not only the medication, but details about HCG diet protocols and direct recipes. These websites usually require filling out a detailed medical form which lets them assess your dosage requirement etc.

HCG isn’t a wonder drug

HCG is not a miracle cure; it’s a scientifically developed adjunctive supplement which facilitates weight loss based on a specified diet plan. During your search of where can I buy HCG, you’d come across a lot of dispensers that would present miracle weight loss products. Steer clear of such products, as they are mostly sham and pose highly adverse side effects. HCG also presents some slight reported side effects like headaches and fatigue, but nothing very serious and health endangering. FDA has now recommended that all HCG vendors whether online or walk in pharmacies remove the fast weight loss statement.

I hope the above information was adequate and would provide you ample guidelines on where can I buy HCG products from genuine sources.

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8 Valuable Tips on Purchasing HCG Online

HCG is the right solution for those who want to lose their weight by just sitting at home, however, before you decide to purchase HCG online you should know where to find the right product or company. Moreover, before ordering HCG online you must decide how much weight you intend to lose, as a lesser HCG dose is required for slight weight loss and more for considerable weight loss. Some factors you need to consider on how to purchase HCG online are listed below:

1. Research:

Do not forget to do some valuable research on the product before purchasing it. Start searching the web for the phrase; purchase HCG online, and go through some of the top results to find out the current price details, side effects, storage instructions, prescribed dosage and other specifications. It would give you a better idea and might save you from wasting your money on scam products. Check out the product reviews all over the internet, compare the prices being offered and look for both quality and price reasonableness. Do not rush in for purchasing the product without any prior online research.

2. Find a safe online pharmacy:

After spending time on research, look out for the most reliable online pharmacies that have positive customer reviews. There can be a dozen security concerns when you opt to purchase HCG online, a few of which are listed below:

  • Usually the preferred payment method used for online purchasing is paying by credit card; this means that by giving out your credit card information you might be actually exposing yourself to risk of misuse. Make sure that the website you choose to purchase HCG online from has put up a disclaimer showing that all information collected from the customers will be kept secured and only used for billing purposes. This can be used as a basis for legal action if something goes wrong or the financial information forwarded by you is misused in any way.
  • Reliable online pharmacies have better and safer systems in this regard and they often make sure that both your financial and medical information is secure. A reliable pharmacy will usually ask you to present a prescription and some of them even offer you medical consultations with the doctors via webcam.  This makes the doctors have a better idea of your medical condition so that they can give you the right advice and recommend suitable dosage of HCG. Also, there is no need to provide any online pharmacy with too much of your personal details.

Although – like other online businesses – online pharmaceutical companies are also trying their best to keep up with technological changes to offer both medical and financial security to their customers there is always a risk of you getting caught up with scams and fraudulent websites.

3. Look for an online pharmacy that has a physical branch:

It is even better to look for an online pharmacy to purchase HCG online that has a physical branch so that even if somehow your HCG product gets delayed or you are unsatisfied, you have a proper place to lodge your complaints.

4. VIPPS symbol/ FDA registered:

Another way to confirm that you are buying from an authentic online pharmacy is to look for the VIPPS symbol; it means that the pharmacy is nationally certified, hence reducing the chances of you getting caught up with a fraudulent company. Also, beware of any online pharmacies that claim their homeopathic HCG is approved by FDA (The United States of Food and Drug Administration), as it has neither approved nor rejected homeopathic HCG yet.

5. Price:

Once you decide to purchase HCG online, make sure the price mentioned on the page of the online pharmacy is prominent and easy to find as many scam companies try to misguide their customers by not making their charges clear. Furthermore, the price mentioned should clearly show any breakup of additional taxes or shipment charges. Too low a price is a warning as companies that offer you very low prices can either turn out to be scam or they might compromise on quality.

6. Customer Guarantee:

It’s not necessary that a product would work well for everyone using it. Same goes for HCG. Look out for a company that offers a reasonable guarantee; means that the company is ready to be held responsible if in case anything goes wrong. A guarantee often acts as a protection and it is highly likely that you would be more satisfied with an online pharmacy offering guarantee. Moreover, make sure that the companies’ money back guarantee allows you enough time to use HCG and see if it works on you, so that if it doesn’t, you can return it back without wasting your money. Online pharmacies that claim and guarantee that HCG drops will work on you are probably trying to cheat you, because the fact is that HCG does not work the same way on everybody.

7. Amount of HCG hormone in HCG drops:

When looking forward to purchase HCG online, make sure that the pharmacy you choose is offering you the right product with the right percentage of HCG hormone, as the FDA restricts the amount of HCG hormone allowed in any product. Additionally, reliable pharmacies do not sell out products with HCG hormone over the limit set by FDA without prescriptions, and those who  do so are either making false claims or are doing so illegally.

8.  Protect yourself from scam:

Always avoid giving out your personal and credit card information over the phone, unless you make the call or you get a call from a very trusted source. Moreover, do not forget to check the online pharmacies’ web address as scammers often keep similar web addresses.

There are multitudes of risks involved when you purchase HCG online, but as long as you take out sometime for valuable research on the product and find authentic and reliable online pharmacies, you will minimize the risks involved. Moreover, because this is a health-related matter, I would recommend you to seek professional health care advice before you purchase HCG online. 

How And Where to Find HCG Diet Products Online

Where to find hcg

where to find hcg

Diet plans that claim rapid fat loss have always been popular, and because HCG diet plans promise exactly that, everyone wants to know where to find HCG diet products and how to begin. The HCG diet plan involves a low-calorie diet paired with the intake of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone, which is present in the body of pregnant women. It regulates your metabolism such that you don’t get hungry so often and the fat cells are used for the energy that the body requires. HCG can be taken orally or injected.


The HCG diet claims a weight loss of around 1 to 3 pounds in a day. Although HCG diet products can be purchased quite easily from several online outlets or directly from doctors, before you go any further in your search for places where to find HCG products, you should make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.


Why You Should Opt For HCG Diet?

The fact that HCG is a low-calorie diet isn’t enough to convince anyone of why they should go for it. There are after all, a lot of other fad diets that promise fast weight loss, too. So, why HCG? There are various benefits of the HCG diet over a normal fad diet.


  • During HCG diets, testosterone levels are slightly increased which leads to an enhanced metabolism rate
  • It claims to burn fat, without damaging muscle tissues
  • Decreases the fat in flabby areas
  • Some men and women also experience enhanced libido
  • Relatively cheap and quite easy to follow


The simplicity of the HCG diet plan is really tempting. It doesn’t include exercise at all. All you have to do is eat according to the plan, take in your HCG and you’re well on your way to losing fat. HCG diets are, therefore, a convenient yet inexpensive method of quickly losing weight, without having to exercise. If you’re ready to hop onboard, then you must be curious about where to find HCG products. But, before that is discussed, it’s essential that we talk about the methods of administration for HCG, as well.


Administration Method– Injection or Drops?

The HCG diet entails an extremely restrictive diet, combined with the consumption of the HCG hormone. You have the option of taking in the requisite amount of HCG through injections or orally, through drops. Both the methods are equally effective, as far as losing weight is concerned. You need to choose one of the methods of administration, so you can move on to looking for where to find HCG drops or injections, as you might choose.


The HCG diet, as originally proposed by Sr. A. T. W. Simeons, used injections but you have to consider the fact that it was suggested 50 years ago. So, the ultimate question – drops or shots? It’s more a matter of preference and convenience of the user, since both offer the same results. It depends whether you’d be comfortable enough getting daily shots or if you’d rather take the drops. Also, consider the fact that the shots are administered intra-muscularly – mostly on the thigh – which may be painful and may even cause bruising. The drops, on the other hand, are pain free. Whether it’s the shots or the drops, the HCG diet plan demands the dieters’ consistency and steadfastness. So, make sure you’re comfortable with the choice you make because you’ll have to take drops or get injected with HCG for the entire duration of the diet.


Where to Find HCG Products?

If you’ve decided on going through with the HCG diet and its method of administration of the hormone, your next step is to look for a supplier, where to find HCG products. There are a lot of vendors online you can go through or get it prescribed directly from a doctor. Mostly, people go for the online purchase method.


Buying HCG Products Online

The online market is perhaps the most convenient place where to find HCG products. But, while it is convenient, purchasing HCG products online has all sorts of risks of being ripped off and scammed. You want to look for a vendor that’s authentic and can be trusted to provide genuine products. You can purchase all forms of HCG online, ranging from the drops and shots to the slightly uncommon sublingual sprays. But, beware! There are a lot of scammers out there, just waiting for naive customers who are prepared to pay a pretty penny for quality HCG products to lose weight. If the internet is your choice of where to find HCG products, you need to be careful and keep some things in mind, in order to avoid being ripped off.


Precautions When Buying HCG Online

When you’re looking for places where to find HCG products, you need to make sure that you stay away from suppliers that look shady at all. Try to go for the well-known and trusted ones. Stay away from strange online health stores, especially those that don’t provide a secure mode for payment – this always points toward a scam. Analyze their products and see if they’ve undergone requisite quality checks, have the correct storage instructions printed on them, or that they’re manufactured by a trusted company. You can also check the ratings and reviews of the supplier and learn from other’s experiences before you decide for yourself. The more trustworthy vendors are those who have high ratings and a lot of positive feedback from customers. Finally, you should steer clear of suppliers who try to tempt you into buying the product by claiming miraculous weight loss. HCG is just an adjunctive supplement that helps you lose weight as you abide by the HCG diet plan. The FDA has recommended HCG companies to remove such claims of unnaturally fast weight loss.



Whether or not you’re using the internet to find where to find HCG products, always seek medical advice from your doctor to make sure that HCG is suitable for you. The doctor may also provide you information on HCG in detail and where to buy it. HCG can have side effects such as headache and fatigue. It could also cause allergic reactions, especially for those using it for the first time.

HCG Treatment

The HCG treatment is an elaborate weight loss program which has received widespread media coverage over the past few years. One of the most popular weight loss programs today, the HCG program utilizes a special hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG).  Controlled and well planned intake of this hormone dramatically increases your body’s fat burning rate, thus helping you to lose weight.

Weight loss and HCG

For most people, losing weight is extremely hard. This coupled with the fact that we are surrounded with so many unhealthy food choices and it’s easy for us to gain extra weight. In order to lose this extra weight, we need to accomplish a couple of things:

  1. Get rid of the access, abnormal and un-healthy fats in our body
  2. Break bad eating habits

The above mentioned factors are what make losing weight so difficult. It is never easy to break common habits or to do strenuous exercise to burn abnormal fats. Because of these difficulties, most dieters look for a shortcut to weight loss; something that is effort-less and easy. As a result, dieters look for fad diets, diet pills and all the things that claim to offer a solution to their weight loss problem. These fad diets rarely work in reality, and if they work, they cause you to gain back the lost weight after a short period of time. The HCG treatment plan, however, is not a fad diet. It is in fact a very common weight loss protocol that has helped thousands of people lose weight successfully. The HCG treatment is thus a proven weight loss solution for serious dieters and is not one of those where you lose weight by simply taking a few drops of the HCG hormone. Using the HCG treatment actually requires dedication and focus and those who follow it have the fastest, most effective and healthiest weight loss possible.

What is HCG?

In the early 1950’s, it was discovered that introducing the HCG hormone in combination with a strict and controlled VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet)  can produce amazing weight loss results.

The HCG hormone is normally produced in the placenta of women during pregnancy. However, the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone also regulates and controls the brain’s set points for hunger and fat metabolism. One of the reasons the HCG treatment is so effective is because the special HCG hormone causes weight loss by stimulating your metabolism, suppressing your appetite and by causing the release of stored and abnormal fat. Thus, HCG enhances your body’s natural fat burning mechanisms so that your body can burn fat as quickly as possible.

What to Expect

When following the HCG diet, here are some factors and results that you should expect:

  • There are three phases in the HCG diet program
  • The HCG hormone is taken by dieters daily in controlled doses and after specific intervals.
  • It is common for HCG dieters to lose half a pound of fat daily.
  • HCG dieters can lose up to 20 pounds in over a month. Dieters who lose the most weight are those who adhere to the HCG protocol strictly.
  • The general duration of the HCG diet is six weeks. Some people stay on the diet for a little longer, depending on their weight loss goal.
  • Because the diet is natural, it has a very few side effects. Some people may complain of headaches and joint pain, but this is usually caused by de-hydration and can thus easily be remedied.

The HCG diet plan

As mentioned before, there are three diet phases in the HCG treatment. These phases comprise of 500 a day calorie diet plan of the HCG diet.

Loading Phase: This phase lasts for two days and is usually the most favorite phase of HCG dieter. This is because, in this phase, you are required to ‘load’ up on high calorie foods such as pizzas, burgers, chocolate, pasta, fried chicken, potatoes etc. The purpose of eating such fatty food is to:

  • Prepare your body for the administration of the HCG hormone. By eating fatty foods, your body becomes more receptive to the HCG hormone.
  • Encourage the burning of fat in your body to carry on to the next phase.

The VLCD Phase: This is the longest dieting phase in the HCG treatment program; it lasts for three weeks. As mentioned before, during your HCG treatment you need to combine the HCG hormone with a very low calorie diet (VLCD). This controlled and restrictive diet may seem extreme, but you need to remember two points:

  • The HCG hormone will help you suppress your hunger and will also stifle your body’s craving for fatty foods.
  • Though you are only consuming 500 calories a day, your body (thanks to the HCG hormone) is releasing stored fats. These stored fats can amount up to 1500 to 2000 calories that are being burned by your body to release energy. So, even you are not taking any calories, you will still feel energetic and active.

This phase helps you get rid of the most weight; you can lose up to two pounds a day.

Maintenance Phase: It is the transition phase of the HCG diet and is what separates the HCG treatment from other weigh loss programs. Most diets and weigh loss programs leave you high and dry without providing you with a normal transitioning phase. After extreme dieting, you need to slowly establish your newly developed good eating habits. The HCG protocol allows you to make that important transition from rapid weight loss to a healthy balanced diet by providing you with an easy to follow diet consisting of 800 to 1200 calories a day.

You deserve to be healthy and by starting the HCG treatment you can have that healthy body and lifestyle that you always wanted. The only way you can maintain that healthy and slimmer body is by eating healthy and exercising. The HCG diet plan can help you to kick start this healthy way of life as it requires you to adapt a balanced lifestyle. Dieters right now are literally shaping their bodies and lifestyles with the HCG treatment and diet. Start the HCG diet today and begin your glorious journey towards effective weight loss.

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HCG Side Effects: Myth Or A Verity?

What is HCG?

You must be hearing a lot about HCG side effects these days. But, is it really a myth or a verity? Well, before discussing the side effects in detail, let me introduce you to what exactly is HCG. It stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin; a hormone produced in large amounts in women during pregnancy. It is made by the developing placenta after conception. British endocrinologist, Albert T. W. Simeons proposed HCG as an alternative to ultra-low calorie weight-loss diet i.e. less than 500 calories, everyday. Simeons, while studying pregnant women in India on a calorie-deficient diet, and ‘fat boys’ with pituitary problems treated with low dose HCG, claimed that both had lost fat rather than muscle tissue. According to Simeons, there are no serious HCG side effects and both men and women can use it, easily.

HCG Weight-Loss Program

The HCG weight-loss program is a combination of HCG hormone and HCG diet. Your metabolism rate increases rapidly when you’re on this hormone; it controls frequent hunger pangs, whereas with the HCG diet, your overall calorie intake is reduced to 500 calories, everyday. This diet will help your body get rid of toxins, which in turn will help the HCG hormone to function properly.

When your metabolism rate improves, the brain craves less for food and as your body continues to hold on to 500 calories each day, it loses weight, faster. You can decide your HCG diet plan yourself but it’s vital that it includes liquids, proteins and fibers. On average, the daily hormone dose is somewhere around 125-200 IUs, but the dosage may vary if you’re taking it in the form of injections or drops. You’ve an option of injecting it or taking it orally. People often say that injections have adverse HCG side effects, especially they cause blood clots. So, it’s preferable that you go for oral drops because they’re just not painful and possess the same properties as well. HCG program works in three phases: Initial, Repairs & Running and Stabilization.

HCG Side Effects: Are There Any?

It’s true that drugs, hormones and steroids do have side effects. Similarly, there are a few HCG side effects as well. But, are they really serious? One of the side effects I mentioned above is clotting. This is not really because of HCG, but the injecting process. Other HCG side effects include:


-Leg cramps


-Hair thinning & breast tenderness

For some users, the abovementioned HCG side effects can be really disturbing, while for others, it’s not something to worry about. Actually, when your body is deprived of the amount of food it is in the habit of, it starts reacting. For instance, when you’re not getting enough nutrients in 500 calories, your body is missing that part. This is the reason users in the beginning feel dizziness and headaches. Similar case is with hair thinning; they don’t get the required nutritional value and thus turn weaker. Leg cramps are caused when your body sheds the extra unhealthy fat, hence leaving bones without the same old fat cushion, making them achy. However, these side effects are not as big as there are solutions available. Nutritional supplements can be taken to improve headaches, hair issues and dizziness. Once your body gets accustomed to the change, leg cramps will go away. There are no other HCG side effects being reported that are unsafe for your body.

Why Choose HCG?

You don’t have to worry about any of the HCG side effects because they can all be treated very easily. Moreover, its weight-loss program lasts for only about a few weeks and it’s expected that even the side effects diminish after a short period.

When you’re on HCG program, your body releases extra fat. The best thing about is, it only releases unhealthy fat from your body, the healthy fat remains intact. Besides, it is entirely produced from natural sources, unlike other hormones.

Furthermore, with HCG, you won’t be missing your favorite food! Make your own 500 calorie diet chart and follow it. Generally, other diet programs make you starve and the urge for food is heightened, after which when you’re back to food, you gain weight even faster. This is even worse than HCG side effects. HCG plan deals with your cravings on everyday basis, keeping it restricted to 500 calories.

One of the best things about HCG is that it makes you lose 1-2 pounds daily! On average, a person loses around 40 kg or 88 pounds after finishing this program. Markets are full of diet programs but none is as fast as HCG.

Last but not the least this is not just a diet program to get rid of the extra fat in your body. No. It is something that teaches your brain to decide the amount of healthy food you should eat. Your state of mind is adapted to less food and is completely restructured such that your brain no longer feels like eating, the same old way.

A Piece of Advice

Now that you’re aware of what is HCG, how does it work, its possible side effects and the potential benefits, what do you think about this amazing diet program? I would advise you that for such a thing, even a few minor HCG side effects are worth it! No other diet program is free from natural chemicals, has such minor side effects and makes you get rid of the entire extra fat in just 30-40 days! Consequently, no other plan can make your mind adapt to healthy practices. Teaching your mind is like a permanent favor for the rest of your life.

If you’re overweight and have tried all other diet programs, but still haven’t been able to reduce your mass, it’s time you try HCG! Help yourself with the above least harmful side effects and at the end of the day, look well-groomed, smart and confident, like the rest of your friends. Don’t lose hope!

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