HCG Diet Info—The Ultimate Weight Loss Plan

HCG Diet Info

HCG Diet Info

The HCG diet info can bring a radical change in lives of people striving hard to lose weight. Although the HCG hormone is associated with the developing placenta in pregnant women, it has been discovered that this hormone can do wonders in weight loss, as well.

What is HCG Diet?

HCG diet info can be found on several websites; HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin is basically a hormone found in the urine of pregnant women. As the placenta develops, body starts making this hormone. Its weight loss properties were discovered long ago by Doctor A.T Simeons. He found that this hormone uses stored body fat and converts it into nutrition, which is used by the fetus. Simeons concluded that this mechanism could be used in both men and women to lose fat.

HCG Diet Mechanism

According to the HCG diet info provided by experts, there are three types of body fats; structural fat, normal fat reserves and the abnormal fat. The structural fat is found between skin and other organs and forms a protective layer which is necessary for the organs. The normal fat reserves provide fuel to the body when calorie intake is lower than the required level. As opposed to this, abnormal fat is the extra calories that pile up and form unwanted layers in hips, thighs and waist, having no purpose. The HCG hormone acts only on the abnormal fat layer. It consumes this unwanted fat and helps reduce the weight.

How to Use HCG For Weight Loss

Nutritionists who provide complete HCG diet info and the diet plan divide the entire program in three important steps. In step 1, the body is prepared for the diet along with the drug. High-calorie diet is consumed for two to three days in order to harmonize the drug flow in the blood and to prepare the brain for release of excess fat. In the next step, the calorie intake is reduced severely; only 500 calories are allowed per day along with daily dosage of the drug. However, according to the most recent HCG diet info provided by the doctors, for safe and effective weight loss plan, 1200 calories per day can be taken; which will neither disturb the diet plan nor result in any deficiencies in the body. This pattern is continued for thirty to forty days. In the last step, the drug intake is stopped but calorie intake is kept at 500. It is continued for two or three more days. This allows the HCG drug to completely leave the body. The HCG diet info claims that this plan can make you lose up to thirty to forty pounds, upon completion.

Many people argue that HCG intake does not work for weight loss as much as reducing the daily calories consumption. So, why take HCG? Well, the mechanism is quite simplistic; if you simply cut down proteins and fats, the body will take its energy from whichever part it wants. This also includes the structural as well as the normal fat. Muscles can get damaged with this type of diet plan. On the other hand, the HCG intake will make sure that only abnormal fats are consumed. Moreover, with HCG diet, you can lose the stubborn fat deposited on belly, thighs and the buttocks. Incorporating fibers, vegetables and fruits with this diet plan can increase the benefits many times.

Daily Dosage of HCG    

Measured quantities of HCG injections are recommended by HCG diet info experts and the daily allowed dosage is 125 IU. With this low carb and low fat diet, plans are to be followed strictly.

Administration of HCG Drops

Dosage suggested by Doctor A.T.W Simeons is the same, though the means of consuming the drug has evolved. Earlier, the drug was injected intramuscularly, but this caused many side effects which were unbearable for most users. The evolved form of drug comes in different formulations, but the dosage quantity is kept the same. These are oral drops and are safer to use than the injections.

Benefits of HCG Diet Plan

The biggest advantage that is derived from the HCG diet plan is of course the weight loss. The HCG diet info claims that one can lose 3 pounds body fat, daily. Other benefits include the following:

  • Metabolism is improved and the metabolic rate is also increased because of the Testosterone levels.
  • Fat is restructured and flabby areas like thighs, belly and buttocks lose fat.
  • The body’s daily nutrient need is not harmed as the entire diet plan is natural and easily adapted by the body, so that hunger is suppressed and body is tuned accordingly.
  • Muscle mass is not harmed unlike other low carb diet plans. The HCG diet focuses only on the abnormal fat, hence keeping the muscles safe.
  • Reduced craving for fatty and high carb foods is experienced, which makes it easier to maintain the desired body weight even after the plan is finished.
  • Increased libido.
  • The HCG drug is simple, safe and affordable to use.
  • HCG produces natural fuel for the body by consuming unwanted fat so the body is not starved.
  • This diet plan does not make the user fatigued or low on energy levels.

Side Effects of HCG Diet

Although the HCG diet can work wonders on weight loss, it does come with some minor side effects. According to the HCG diet info, consuming HCG may cause slight skin irritation and nausea in the initial stages. This has been countered by making the drug available in oral form. Many experts have also provided homeopathic version of the drug, which is even safer. However, homeopathic drug only works if it is the real drug in diluted form. In addition to this, different formulations are also available to combat the side effects.

Some people also argue that weight loss through HCG plan comes back as quickly as it is lost. But, if maintenance plan is followed, one can keep the desired weight and body form, forever!

Before going for the diet plan, it is highly recommended to go through the HCG diet info, thoroughly. Detailed information can be obtained online through various websites.

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