6 Great HCG Diet Recipes

HCg Diet

HCg Diet

There are many HCG diet recipes that you can use to add variety and freshness in your VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) meals. But, before this article reveals some great HCG diet recipes, here is a small guide to the HCG meal plan and its various phases.

The HCG Diet Plan– Loading, Maintaining and Stabilizing

There are three main phases of the HCG diet plan; the loading phase, the maintaining phase and the stabilization phase. Each phase combined with the use of the HCG hormone, will result in significant weight loss. HCG targets the abnormal fats in your body (which are not used in the normal metabolism) causing you to lose the unwanted weight.

  1. Loading: In the first phase of the HCG diet, you will spend two consecutive days filling yourself up with high-calorie foods. These include items like fried chicken, pizza, pasta etc. Force feeding yourself this high calorie diet is essential, because you are encouraging your body to burn fat, which will continue after the loading phase.
  2. Maintenance: In this phase, you are introduced to a 500 calorie diet plan and specific doses of the HCG hormone. The fantastic HCG diet recipes that will later be given in this article all adhere to the strict rules of the VLCD in this phase. It specifically lasts for twenty-one days.
  3. Stabilization: This is the final phase of the HCG protocol and has no restrictions, in terms of time limit. In this phase, you are expected to make a transition from the VLCD to a moderate diet of 800 to 1000 calories per day.

For most HCG diet users, the first and the third phases of the HCG diet are quite easy to follow and carry out. It is the second phase however, which can cause frustration and boredom amongst dieters. This is because the controlled diet is highly restrictive in terms of food and allowed portions. For those people who are following this diet and are struggling with the maintenance phase, here are some great HCG diet recipes.


In the HCG diet, you are allowed to have 100 grams of various lean meats such as chicken, shrimps, white fish and beef. Though you are not allowed to use any fats to cook your meat, you can still have appetizing food by using various cooking techniques and fragrant spices. Here are two great HCG diet recipes for proteins:

Lemon Lime Swordfish


  • A 100 gram fillet of Swordfish (or any other kind of white fish)
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • Juice of half a lime
  • Half teaspoon lemon zest
  • Half teaspoon smoked paprika
  • One teaspoon fish sauce
  • Half teaspoon white pepper

Directions: Make a marinade by whisking all the ingredients together (except the fish) with a bit of cold water. Pour this marinade over your fish and leave it to marinade in a cool, dry place for ten minutes. Once the fish has rested, wrap it up in foil paper and bake it in a moderate oven, for twenty minutes. This HCG Diet recipe makes one serving.

Thyme Steak


  • 100 grams of lean-beef fillet
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • One clove of finely minced garlic
  • Two tablespoon soy sauce
  • Half teaspoon black pepper
  • One teaspoon dried thyme

Directions: Cook the beef fillet on a hot grill for as long as you want. Once the steak is cooked to your desired temperature, remove it and tightly wrap in foil and place it to rest for five minutes. Meanwhile, whisk the remaining ingredients together, until a smooth marinade is formed. Remove the steak from its foil package and place it in the marinade for five minutes. This technique of marinating the beef, after cooking it, gives it wonderful flavor and keeps the beef soft and supple. This recipe serves one.


The following vegetable based HCG diet recipes only use the vegetables that are allowed in phase two of the HCG diet. The HCG diet includes vegetables like cucumbers, asparagus, chard, celery, tomatoes, beets, green beans and cabbage. Here are two great HCG diet recipes for vegetables:

Lemon Zest Asparagus


  • 1 pound of fresh asparagus
  • One tablespoon lemon juice
  • One teaspoon lemon zest
  • Sea salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste

Directions: Cut and clean the asparagus by removing the hard white stalks and slicing it diagonally. Steam the asparagus for 5 minutes and toss the warm asparagus with the rest of the ingredients. This recipe makes one serving.

Oriental Cucumber Salad


  • One diced cucumber
  • One teaspoon fish sauce
  • One teaspoon soy sauce
  • Half teaspoon garlic powder
  • Half teaspoon grated fresh ginger
  • One teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • Half teaspoon plain Stevia sweetener

Directions: Whisk all the ingredients together (except the cucumber) to make a dressing. Toss the dressing with the cucumbers and serve. This recipe makes one serving.


When following the second phase of the HCG diet recipe, you are allowed to have portion controlled helpings of various fruits. Fruits allowed in the diet include: apples, oranges, grapefruits and a handful of strawberries. Of course, you can eat delicious fresh fruits, but it is sometimes fun to cook with fruits as well. Here are two great HCG diet recipes for fruits:

Strawberry Sorbet


  • A handful of strawberries
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Sugar substitute like Stevia (as needed)
  • Waster (if needed)

Directions: Chill the fresh strawberries in the freezer for an hour. After the strawberries have become firm, use a blender and blend the frozen strawberries with the lemon juice and Stevia. Add a bit of water if the texture requires it. Pour out the mixture into a plastic container and put it in the freezer for two to three hours or until the sorbet is firm and set.

Spicy Poached Apple


  • One cored and peeled apple
  • One cup of water
  • One cup of orange juice
  • Juice of one small lemon
  • Sugar substitute like Stevia (as needed)
  • Rind of one lemon and one orange
  • One cinnamon stick
  • One whole star anise
  • One vanilla bean, split lengthwise

Directions: Combine all the wet ingredients and the fruit rinds with the different spices and bring to a bubble, on moderate to high heat. Once the mixture starts to boil, add in your apple and let it poach on medium heat for twenty to thirty minutes. Once the apple is soft, remove it from the mixture and serve it warm with cinnamon or vanilla flavored Stevia, sprinkled over the top. This hcg diet recipe makes one serving.

Great HGC diet recipes like the ones given above, can really jazz up your daily meals in the maintenance phase of the HCG diet.  Be creative with your food by cooking it in different ways, experimenting with different spices, combining fruits with proteins, etc. If you put in some effort and follow great HGC diet recipes like the ones given above, your HCG maintenance phase will become a healthy and gastronomic experience.

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