HCG Treatment

The HCG treatment is an elaborate weight loss program which has received widespread media coverage over the past few years. One of the most popular weight loss programs today, the HCG program utilizes a special hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG).  Controlled and well planned intake of this hormone dramatically increases your body’s fat burning rate, thus helping you to lose weight.

Weight loss and HCG

For most people, losing weight is extremely hard. This coupled with the fact that we are surrounded with so many unhealthy food choices and it’s easy for us to gain extra weight. In order to lose this extra weight, we need to accomplish a couple of things:

  1. Get rid of the access, abnormal and un-healthy fats in our body
  2. Break bad eating habits

The above mentioned factors are what make losing weight so difficult. It is never easy to break common habits or to do strenuous exercise to burn abnormal fats. Because of these difficulties, most dieters look for a shortcut to weight loss; something that is effort-less and easy. As a result, dieters look for fad diets, diet pills and all the things that claim to offer a solution to their weight loss problem. These fad diets rarely work in reality, and if they work, they cause you to gain back the lost weight after a short period of time. The HCG treatment plan, however, is not a fad diet. It is in fact a very common weight loss protocol that has helped thousands of people lose weight successfully. The HCG treatment is thus a proven weight loss solution for serious dieters and is not one of those where you lose weight by simply taking a few drops of the HCG hormone. Using the HCG treatment actually requires dedication and focus and those who follow it have the fastest, most effective and healthiest weight loss possible.

What is HCG?

In the early 1950’s, it was discovered that introducing the HCG hormone in combination with a strict and controlled VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet)  can produce amazing weight loss results.

The HCG hormone is normally produced in the placenta of women during pregnancy. However, the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone also regulates and controls the brain’s set points for hunger and fat metabolism. One of the reasons the HCG treatment is so effective is because the special HCG hormone causes weight loss by stimulating your metabolism, suppressing your appetite and by causing the release of stored and abnormal fat. Thus, HCG enhances your body’s natural fat burning mechanisms so that your body can burn fat as quickly as possible.

What to Expect

When following the HCG diet, here are some factors and results that you should expect:

  • There are three phases in the HCG diet program
  • The HCG hormone is taken by dieters daily in controlled doses and after specific intervals.
  • It is common for HCG dieters to lose half a pound of fat daily.
  • HCG dieters can lose up to 20 pounds in over a month. Dieters who lose the most weight are those who adhere to the HCG protocol strictly.
  • The general duration of the HCG diet is six weeks. Some people stay on the diet for a little longer, depending on their weight loss goal.
  • Because the diet is natural, it has a very few side effects. Some people may complain of headaches and joint pain, but this is usually caused by de-hydration and can thus easily be remedied.

The HCG diet plan

As mentioned before, there are three diet phases in the HCG treatment. These phases comprise of 500 a day calorie diet plan of the HCG diet.

Loading Phase: This phase lasts for two days and is usually the most favorite phase of HCG dieter. This is because, in this phase, you are required to ‘load’ up on high calorie foods such as pizzas, burgers, chocolate, pasta, fried chicken, potatoes etc. The purpose of eating such fatty food is to:

  • Prepare your body for the administration of the HCG hormone. By eating fatty foods, your body becomes more receptive to the HCG hormone.
  • Encourage the burning of fat in your body to carry on to the next phase.

The VLCD Phase: This is the longest dieting phase in the HCG treatment program; it lasts for three weeks. As mentioned before, during your HCG treatment you need to combine the HCG hormone with a very low calorie diet (VLCD). This controlled and restrictive diet may seem extreme, but you need to remember two points:

  • The HCG hormone will help you suppress your hunger and will also stifle your body’s craving for fatty foods.
  • Though you are only consuming 500 calories a day, your body (thanks to the HCG hormone) is releasing stored fats. These stored fats can amount up to 1500 to 2000 calories that are being burned by your body to release energy. So, even you are not taking any calories, you will still feel energetic and active.

This phase helps you get rid of the most weight; you can lose up to two pounds a day.

Maintenance Phase: It is the transition phase of the HCG diet and is what separates the HCG treatment from other weigh loss programs. Most diets and weigh loss programs leave you high and dry without providing you with a normal transitioning phase. After extreme dieting, you need to slowly establish your newly developed good eating habits. The HCG protocol allows you to make that important transition from rapid weight loss to a healthy balanced diet by providing you with an easy to follow diet consisting of 800 to 1200 calories a day.

You deserve to be healthy and by starting the HCG treatment you can have that healthy body and lifestyle that you always wanted. The only way you can maintain that healthy and slimmer body is by eating healthy and exercising. The HCG diet plan can help you to kick start this healthy way of life as it requires you to adapt a balanced lifestyle. Dieters right now are literally shaping their bodies and lifestyles with the HCG treatment and diet. Start the HCG diet today and begin your glorious journey towards effective weight loss.

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