8 Valuable Tips on Purchasing HCG Online

HCG is the right solution for those who want to lose their weight by just sitting at home, however, before you decide to purchase HCG online you should know where to find the right product or company. Moreover, before ordering HCG online you must decide how much weight you intend to lose, as a lesser HCG dose is required for slight weight loss and more for considerable weight loss. Some factors you need to consider on how to purchase HCG online are listed below:

1. Research:

Do not forget to do some valuable research on the product before purchasing it. Start searching the web for the phrase; purchase HCG online, and go through some of the top results to find out the current price details, side effects, storage instructions, prescribed dosage and other specifications. It would give you a better idea and might save you from wasting your money on scam products. Check out the product reviews all over the internet, compare the prices being offered and look for both quality and price reasonableness. Do not rush in for purchasing the product without any prior online research.

2. Find a safe online pharmacy:

After spending time on research, look out for the most reliable online pharmacies that have positive customer reviews. There can be a dozen security concerns when you opt to purchase HCG online, a few of which are listed below:

  • Usually the preferred payment method used for online purchasing is paying by credit card; this means that by giving out your credit card information you might be actually exposing yourself to risk of misuse. Make sure that the website you choose to purchase HCG online from has put up a disclaimer showing that all information collected from the customers will be kept secured and only used for billing purposes. This can be used as a basis for legal action if something goes wrong or the financial information forwarded by you is misused in any way.
  • Reliable online pharmacies have better and safer systems in this regard and they often make sure that both your financial and medical information is secure. A reliable pharmacy will usually ask you to present a prescription and some of them even offer you medical consultations with the doctors via webcam.  This makes the doctors have a better idea of your medical condition so that they can give you the right advice and recommend suitable dosage of HCG. Also, there is no need to provide any online pharmacy with too much of your personal details.

Although – like other online businesses – online pharmaceutical companies are also trying their best to keep up with technological changes to offer both medical and financial security to their customers there is always a risk of you getting caught up with scams and fraudulent websites.

3. Look for an online pharmacy that has a physical branch:

It is even better to look for an online pharmacy to purchase HCG online that has a physical branch so that even if somehow your HCG product gets delayed or you are unsatisfied, you have a proper place to lodge your complaints.

4. VIPPS symbol/ FDA registered:

Another way to confirm that you are buying from an authentic online pharmacy is to look for the VIPPS symbol; it means that the pharmacy is nationally certified, hence reducing the chances of you getting caught up with a fraudulent company. Also, beware of any online pharmacies that claim their homeopathic HCG is approved by FDA (The United States of Food and Drug Administration), as it has neither approved nor rejected homeopathic HCG yet.

5. Price:

Once you decide to purchase HCG online, make sure the price mentioned on the page of the online pharmacy is prominent and easy to find as many scam companies try to misguide their customers by not making their charges clear. Furthermore, the price mentioned should clearly show any breakup of additional taxes or shipment charges. Too low a price is a warning as companies that offer you very low prices can either turn out to be scam or they might compromise on quality.

6. Customer Guarantee:

It’s not necessary that a product would work well for everyone using it. Same goes for HCG. Look out for a company that offers a reasonable guarantee; means that the company is ready to be held responsible if in case anything goes wrong. A guarantee often acts as a protection and it is highly likely that you would be more satisfied with an online pharmacy offering guarantee. Moreover, make sure that the companies’ money back guarantee allows you enough time to use HCG and see if it works on you, so that if it doesn’t, you can return it back without wasting your money. Online pharmacies that claim and guarantee that HCG drops will work on you are probably trying to cheat you, because the fact is that HCG does not work the same way on everybody.

7. Amount of HCG hormone in HCG drops:

When looking forward to purchase HCG online, make sure that the pharmacy you choose is offering you the right product with the right percentage of HCG hormone, as the FDA restricts the amount of HCG hormone allowed in any product. Additionally, reliable pharmacies do not sell out products with HCG hormone over the limit set by FDA without prescriptions, and those who  do so are either making false claims or are doing so illegally.

8.  Protect yourself from scam:

Always avoid giving out your personal and credit card information over the phone, unless you make the call or you get a call from a very trusted source. Moreover, do not forget to check the online pharmacies’ web address as scammers often keep similar web addresses.

There are multitudes of risks involved when you purchase HCG online, but as long as you take out sometime for valuable research on the product and find authentic and reliable online pharmacies, you will minimize the risks involved. Moreover, because this is a health-related matter, I would recommend you to seek professional health care advice before you purchase HCG online. 

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