Reasons Why HCG Injections Should Be Used For Weight Loss

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HCG injections are being hailed as an incredible invention, which efficiently help shed the extra pounds and regularize metabolism, thereby giving the physique a curvy look that everyone desires. But, in today’s world of fraud practices where fake products are portrayed as legitimate ones, it’s imperative to conduct thorough research before opting for anything. A lot of questions come into our minds while doing a research such as what are the origins of this product? How does it work? What’s a typical HCG cycle like? Do I have to undertake any diet? Does it have any side effects, etc? I’ll try to answer all of them in this article.


Origins of HCG


HCG is an acronym used to denote Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Its weight loss and metabolism regularizing effects were first discovered by English endocrinologist, Dr. Albert Simeons, over 50 years ago. HCG injections have recently resurfaced and gained popularity after an entrepreneur named Kevin Trudeau authored a book highlighting HCG’s weight loss abilities


How Does it Work?


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is produced naturally in females during pregnancy. This may make males apprehensive of its usage, making them to believe HCG injections are female-centric only. However, this is not the case. Males have got nothing to worry about as HCG doesn’t bring any side effects related to sexual change; on the contrary, it improves pre-existing deficiencies in the body. Hence, it can safely be used by both males and females.


HCG injections when administered in small dosages prompt the body to utilize the fat hidden deep within cells as a primary energy source. These fat deposits are otherwise not easy to target and cannot be isolated, just by strenuous workout or adopting a healthy diet regime. This is the main principal behind HCG’s fat reduction!


During HCG cycle, an individual is put on a low caloric diet which ensures that the body sustains its caloric needs by pinpointing those latent fat deposits. This results in substantial reduction in fat and hence, weight loss. HCG injections even have an extra advantage for men as they induce testosterone production in the body. But, unlike anabolic steroids which infuse unnatural testosterone, it’s only the stimulation of body’s own mechanism to fill depleted reserves in a natural way.


HCG Diet


HCG diet mainly aims to bring the caloric intake, down to a bare minimum and some nutritionists put this to around 500 calories, per day. This is where HCG injections kick in and turn the fats stored in the cells to energy source and keep it enriched with the blood, hence, suppressing hunger.


However, since every human physique is different from the other, it’s strongly recommended that you maintain a diet journal jotting down the food you consume. Monitor your progress every morning with the weighing scale and chart your weight loss. This would make it clear which food types are helping you attain your goal and which ones are proving to be detrimental to your cause.


It’s an acknowledged fact that most dieters don’t follow a proper dieting plan because they get bored with the limited options that are available to them. To evade this from happening, one should seek out HCG approved recipes, which taste good and provide variety i.e. Tomato-basil chicken and Coconut-almond shrimp. During HCG diet, it’s imperative that you stay in adequate hydration levels. Therefore, increasing water intake would serve as two pronged strategy and flush out toxins from your system. Remember, most artificially sweetened beverages, sodas and caffeine enriched drinks are prohibited. You can opt for green tea as its high in antioxidants. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you can have daily serving of fresh seasonal fruits.


Typical HCG Cycle


Typical HCG injections vary according to the weight loss requirement of an individual.


  • People willing for a weight loss of about 20 pounds will have to undertake a cycle of 23 days, during which the aforementioned caloric limit has to be observed.


  • Individuals who wish to have a weight loss of more than 20 pounds, a cycle of about 43 days is required, during which 40 injections are administered.


However, people who after following diet plan still desire further weight loss need to take a rest period of at least 6 weeks. This would allow the body to recover.


Known Side Effects of HCG Injections


HCG injections are known to have some minor and not very severe side effects. Recorded side effects registered during cycle are trivial body aches and fluctuations in libido. Therefore, HCG injections shouldn’t be taken, without the supervision of a trained medical professional.


HCG Usage in Bodybuilding Domain


As mentioned earlier, HCG stimulates the natural production of testosterone in the male body. This is a highly desirable aspect in the world of bodybuilding as having normal and above levels of testosterone is attributed to putting up lean muscle mass and burning fat. High levels of testosterone ensure that a male is more energetic, strong and has faster recovering abilities. In most cases, HCG injections are taken by bodybuilders after completing a cycle of anabolic steroids, having a tendency to reduce testosterone production in the body. HCG is then taken to stimulate the body to produce testosterone, normally.


Where to Purchase HCG Injections


Before you venture out to purchase HCG, bear in mind that an attempt to recover from infertility or hormone therapy should be under a doctor’s supervision. Consuming it for weight loss purposes also require direction, although, there are people who claim that it can be done without it. HCG injections are available online from various websites and a normal cycle can cost you around $150 to $170, depending on the source. But, beware! There are plenty of scammers out there waiting to deprive you of your hard earned cash. So, before making any HCG purchases, make sure the source is genuine. You should check out reviews about the online pharmacy selling HCG injections and visit pertinent forums to get into discussion with HCG users.

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