The HCG Diet Menu– What’s Allowed And What’s Not?

The HCG diet menu basically restricts the dieter to low amounts of calories – from 500 to 800 in a day – and combines that with the intake of hormone produced during pregnancy called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, through supplements or injections. It primarily constitutes small portions of food, though food is a broad term; on the HCG diet menu, food means fat-free protein, fruits and vegetables.

How Does it Work?

There’s no rule that says only traditional diets can be effective but when you throw in a diet that uses HCG, which is essentially a hormone in the urine of pregnant women, one has to be a slight wary. The hormone HCG is believed to curb your hunger and cause the body to start using up fat.

Though the oral HCG is known to contain only traces of the hormone, a HCG diet menu usually limits the dieters to about five to eight hundred calories intake in a day of organic foods combined with the HCG injections or drops. You’re supposed to strictly go by the plan for the duration, say around 45 days straight, without any wiggle room, which means that you can’t cheat like you might in other diet plans. If you want it to work, you have to follow the diet, religiously. No sneaking of larger portions or fatty treats.

According to the advertisement claims, it’s supposed to fix your metabolism and make you lose more than a few pounds a day. It also discourages a lot of physical activity due to the fact that it limits your calorie intake. Some experts suggest that it’s the shortage in the amount of calories and not the HCG that causes the fat loss, but in any case, you do lose weight.

HCG Diet Plan- Permissions and Restrictions

The HCG diet menu is definitely quite restrictive and has absolutely non-existent tolerance, even for occasional sweet indulgence. You’re mostly left to choose from unprocessed foods, while you stay away from sweets, baked goods and every other thing that the menu bans.

What Can You Have for Breakfast?

In the HCG diet plan, breakfasts are optional. In fact, the plan doesn’t allow anything solid before lunch. This of course leaves you with beverages to start your day. You can take a cup of tea or black coffee, but remember – NO sugar. If you have to, add low-calorie sweeteners such as saccharin. Moreover, the HCG diet menu only allows a single tablespoon of milk in the whole day, so you better make it count. If you aren’t into black coffee, then here’s your chance to get your preferred milky coffee.

Is Meat Allowed?

Fortunately for meat a lover, meat is definitely a part of the HCG diet menu and makes up the greater part of its calorie consumption, per day. This implies that your meals can have small portions of meat i.e. both lunch and dinner should not contain more than 4 ounces of lean protein with a side of some fresh vegetables and small amounts of carbohydrates. Keep in mind that fat has 9 calories per gram, so if it was permitted in your meal, then the portions would be even smaller. To be more particular, you can add veal to your meals. Beef that hasn’t been marbled is fine too. Furthermore, you could also go for chicken breast or if you like sea food; add white-fleshed fish, crab, shrimp or lobster to the menu, as per your preference.

What you cannot add to the menu is meat that’s rich in calories. This includes marbled beef, salmon, eel, dried and pickled fish among others. HCG dieters are recommended to weigh the meat while it’s still raw after getting rid of all the fat. Just grill or boil it. Once in a while, you can exchange the meat for an egg or a portion of low-fat cottage cheese.

Consumption of Carbohydrates in a HCG Diet

The HCG diet menu allows the dieters to have a breadstick or a part of Melba toast to accompany their meals. Both the things are good options as they don’t contain fat or salt and don’t really add up to a lot of calories, for instance the Melba toast is only 12 calories, per piece. Also, dieters can take an apple, orange, a few strawberries, or half a grapefruit with each meal. But, always remember that you cannot change the portion size to your liking. Half a grapefruit means exactly half and not even a quarter more!

Vegetables in the HCG Diet

The lunch and dinner, according to the HCG diet menu have room for one vegetable only. Of course, that vegetable too needs to be in low calorie to fit the bill such as spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers or onions. Other options include celery, chard, cabbage, radishes, and asparagus among others. Vegetables are full of essential vitamins and nutrients that our body requires on a daily basis and even more in this restrictive diet. But, be aware that you can only cut up your vegetables and season them with salt, pepper and other things like mustard powder or vinegar. Seasoning is allowed as long as it doesn’t involve oil, butter or cream sauces.

Beverages – Which Ones are Allowed?

As far as beverages go, the HCG diet menu can be pretty lenient. You can drink all the water – without any sugary inclusions – as you want. You can have coffee or tea as you desire, but as mentioned earlier, it shouldn’t include sugar though low-calorie sweeteners are allowed. However, during the prescribed diet period, there should be no alcohol consumption, at all!

Things You Should Stay Away From

The HCG diet menu doesn’t leave any room for indulgences. This means that if it is prohibited, you aren’t allowed to have it for the duration of the diet. Always stay away from baked products, sweets, alcohol, fizzy drinks, pasta, chocolate and anything and everything that’s considered to be fatty. Also remember, no tampering or cheating with the portion sizes if you want your HCG diet to be effective.

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