How And Where to Find HCG Diet Products Online

Where to find hcg

where to find hcg

Diet plans that claim rapid fat loss have always been popular, and because HCG diet plans promise exactly that, everyone wants to know where to find HCG diet products and how to begin. The HCG diet plan involves a low-calorie diet paired with the intake of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone, which is present in the body of pregnant women. It regulates your metabolism such that you don’t get hungry so often and the fat cells are used for the energy that the body requires. HCG can be taken orally or injected.


The HCG diet claims a weight loss of around 1 to 3 pounds in a day. Although HCG diet products can be purchased quite easily from several online outlets or directly from doctors, before you go any further in your search for places where to find HCG products, you should make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.


Why You Should Opt For HCG Diet?

The fact that HCG is a low-calorie diet isn’t enough to convince anyone of why they should go for it. There are after all, a lot of other fad diets that promise fast weight loss, too. So, why HCG? There are various benefits of the HCG diet over a normal fad diet.


  • During HCG diets, testosterone levels are slightly increased which leads to an enhanced metabolism rate
  • It claims to burn fat, without damaging muscle tissues
  • Decreases the fat in flabby areas
  • Some men and women also experience enhanced libido
  • Relatively cheap and quite easy to follow


The simplicity of the HCG diet plan is really tempting. It doesn’t include exercise at all. All you have to do is eat according to the plan, take in your HCG and you’re well on your way to losing fat. HCG diets are, therefore, a convenient yet inexpensive method of quickly losing weight, without having to exercise. If you’re ready to hop onboard, then you must be curious about where to find HCG products. But, before that is discussed, it’s essential that we talk about the methods of administration for HCG, as well.


Administration Method– Injection or Drops?

The HCG diet entails an extremely restrictive diet, combined with the consumption of the HCG hormone. You have the option of taking in the requisite amount of HCG through injections or orally, through drops. Both the methods are equally effective, as far as losing weight is concerned. You need to choose one of the methods of administration, so you can move on to looking for where to find HCG drops or injections, as you might choose.


The HCG diet, as originally proposed by Sr. A. T. W. Simeons, used injections but you have to consider the fact that it was suggested 50 years ago. So, the ultimate question – drops or shots? It’s more a matter of preference and convenience of the user, since both offer the same results. It depends whether you’d be comfortable enough getting daily shots or if you’d rather take the drops. Also, consider the fact that the shots are administered intra-muscularly – mostly on the thigh – which may be painful and may even cause bruising. The drops, on the other hand, are pain free. Whether it’s the shots or the drops, the HCG diet plan demands the dieters’ consistency and steadfastness. So, make sure you’re comfortable with the choice you make because you’ll have to take drops or get injected with HCG for the entire duration of the diet.


Where to Find HCG Products?

If you’ve decided on going through with the HCG diet and its method of administration of the hormone, your next step is to look for a supplier, where to find HCG products. There are a lot of vendors online you can go through or get it prescribed directly from a doctor. Mostly, people go for the online purchase method.


Buying HCG Products Online

The online market is perhaps the most convenient place where to find HCG products. But, while it is convenient, purchasing HCG products online has all sorts of risks of being ripped off and scammed. You want to look for a vendor that’s authentic and can be trusted to provide genuine products. You can purchase all forms of HCG online, ranging from the drops and shots to the slightly uncommon sublingual sprays. But, beware! There are a lot of scammers out there, just waiting for naive customers who are prepared to pay a pretty penny for quality HCG products to lose weight. If the internet is your choice of where to find HCG products, you need to be careful and keep some things in mind, in order to avoid being ripped off.


Precautions When Buying HCG Online

When you’re looking for places where to find HCG products, you need to make sure that you stay away from suppliers that look shady at all. Try to go for the well-known and trusted ones. Stay away from strange online health stores, especially those that don’t provide a secure mode for payment – this always points toward a scam. Analyze their products and see if they’ve undergone requisite quality checks, have the correct storage instructions printed on them, or that they’re manufactured by a trusted company. You can also check the ratings and reviews of the supplier and learn from other’s experiences before you decide for yourself. The more trustworthy vendors are those who have high ratings and a lot of positive feedback from customers. Finally, you should steer clear of suppliers who try to tempt you into buying the product by claiming miraculous weight loss. HCG is just an adjunctive supplement that helps you lose weight as you abide by the HCG diet plan. The FDA has recommended HCG companies to remove such claims of unnaturally fast weight loss.



Whether or not you’re using the internet to find where to find HCG products, always seek medical advice from your doctor to make sure that HCG is suitable for you. The doctor may also provide you information on HCG in detail and where to buy it. HCG can have side effects such as headache and fatigue. It could also cause allergic reactions, especially for those using it for the first time.

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